Well fluids often contain sand particles. These particles can settle in downstream equipment and cause reduced residence time in separators and other operational problems. The fine sand particles also cause severe erosion especially in valve seats and pipe lines. To address this problem, Desanders are provided in upstream processing facilities.


The following two types of Desanders are used in Oil and Gas Industry:

  • Well Head Desander
  • Produced Water Desander.

Wellhead Desander

Multiphase Desanders are placed at the wellhead. The desander removes most of the sand present in the well fluid thus minimizing issues due to sand in downstream equipment.

Produced Water Desander:

Hydrocylone liners are used to remove sand from produced water coming from the separators. Sand must be removed before water reinjection to the reservoir and also before further processing for discharge. Sand may lead to clogging of deoiler hydrocyclone liners which can cause a shutdown of the produced water system.

In both cases, a Sand Management System can be provided to order to handle sand from the Desander.

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