Pyramid E&C provides Technology, Services, Products and Solutions for developing conventional and renewable hydrocarbon processing facilities with low carbon emissions, higher sustainability and compact foot print.

Oil & Gas

  • Onshore Oil & Gas Production
  • Offshore Oil & Gas topsides
  • Cryo Gas Plants
  • Midstream Infrastructure
  • Marine Loading Facilities

Refinery & Petrochemicals

  • Conventional Development
  • Modular Refineries
  • Petrochemical units
  • Bitumen production
  • Carbon Black plants

Steam Methane Reforming

  • Blue Hydrogen
  • Methanol plants
  • Ammonia plants
  • Stranded and Flared gas solutions
  • Factory assembled and tested units

Renewable Hydrocarbons

  • Conventional (1G) Ethanol plants
  • Cellulosic (2G) Ethanol plants
  • Green Plastics plant
  • Zero Liquid Discharge
  • Zero Green House Gas Emissions