Pyramid E&C offers several solutions to reduce Carbon impact of Hydrocarbon processing as below:

    • Electric Reforming: Novel NICR® Reactor and Reformer designs for temperature up to 1100°C replacing combustion of Natural gas by alternative energy.
    • CO2 Liquefaction: As combustion is eliminated, the concentrated CO2 available in the process stream can be efficiently liquefied or converted into dry ice.
    • Flare Mitigation: Modularized solutions to liquefy the flared hydrocarbons into ‘Blue” Ammonia or Methanol, thus creating value from the wasted resources.
    • Carbon Sequestration: Standard compression and reinjection system to store CO2 in subsurface reservoirs.
    • Fuel Ethanol: Produce anhydrous Bio-Ethanol by fermentation of grains, sugar cane or cellulosic feedstock for blending into Gasoline.
    • Green Petrochemicals: The Bio-Ethanol thus produced form the feedstock for several downstream petrochemicals, plastics and Hydrogen.
    • Alternative Energy Integration: Energy audit and replacement of conventional power applications with Solar, Wind or other forms of alternative energy.