Pyramid E&C offers modern, efficient, and fully automated Conventional (1G) Ethanol, Cellulosic (2G) Ethanol and Green Petrochemical plants complying with the environmental requirement of Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) and Zero Green House Gas (GHG) emissions.

Conventional (1G) Ethanol plants

These plants utilize Corn, Rice, Maize, Wheat crops, Sorghum, Beet, Sugarcane or Molasses as the feedstock to produce bio Ethanol by fermentation of starches or sugars present in the feedstock. The conventional 1G ethanol production system consists of extraction, concentration, fermentation, distillation & dehydration units.

Cellulosic (2G) Ethanol plants

Second-generation Cellulosic Ethanol plants utilize Lignocellulosic feedstock biomass comprising of cellulose, hemicellulose or lignin found in agri-residues e.g. Rice and Wheat straw, Cane trash, Corn Cobs, Cotton stalk and Bagasse. This feedstock is tough to ferment due to presence of Lignin as a binder. Pyramid E&C offers a patented process to separate fermentable materials from lignin and a proprietary enzyme for fermentation of cellulose, thus able to produce bio-ethanol. Rest of the process involves separation and storage similar to Conventional Ethanol.

Green Plastics

Ethanol produced from biomass (1G or 2G) route can be further processed to produce Green versions of Ethylene, Ethylene Oxide and Ethylene Glycol for meeting regional demands or renewable input requirements of polymers for food and beverage containers.

Pyramid E&C has entered into technical collaboration with leading US Technology providers to utilize the patented technology, enzymes, and catalysts to build world class bio ethanol and green petrochemical facilities. The basic engineering and procurement for these plants is carried by Pyramid E&C Houston office in close coordination with the technology provider. The detailed engineering and construction management is carried out by Pyramid E&C High Value Engineering Centre at Thane, Mumbai, the plants are manufactured at Pyramid E&C Modular Fabrication Yard at Mundra Port, Gujarat, India, thus providing a seamless value chain ensuring high quality, competitive plant delivery to customers. Learn More