Pyramid E&C supports Oil & Gas asset owners worldwide in giving shape to their vision and deliver services and projects leading to a path of success and accelerated achievement of financial goals.

Our core competence of plant engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction and operation spans the entire hydrocarbon and chemical value chain from the Oil & Gas producers to the refiners and distributors.

Pyramid E&C tracks market dynamics globally and continuously invests in market research and technological developments to introduce services and solution for emerging market demands. With an experience of more than two decades, today our services and solutions portfolio is sufficiently robust to deliver cutting edge solutions and ensure profitability for small and marginal assets.

Besides investing in expertise and specialization, Pyramid E&C maintains a strong value chain to control the quality, delivery and maintain the cost of our services and goods competitive by developing high-value engineering centres, modular fabrication facilities and reliable suppliers.

With latest process technology and highly efficient delivery model, today Pyramid E&C is contractor of choice for several large and mid-size asset owners worldwide.