Decarbonization Solutions

Pyramid E&C offers several solutions to reduce Carbon impact of Hydrocarbon processing as below:

        • Electric Reforming: Novel NICR® Reactor and Reformer designs for temperature up to 1100°C replacing combustion of Natural gas by alternative energy.
        • CO2 Liquefaction: As combustion is eliminated, the concentrated CO2 available in the process stream can be efficiently liquefied or converted into dry ice.
        • Flare Mitigation: Modularized solutions to liquefy the flared hydrocarbons into ‘Blue” Ammonia or Methanol, thus creating value from the wasted resources.
        • Carbon Sequestration: Standard compression and reinjection system to store CO2 in subsurface reservoirs
        • Fuel Ethanol: Produce anhydrous Bio-Ethanol by fermentation of grains, sugar cane or cellulosic feedstock for blending into Gasoline.
        • Green Petrochemicals: The Bio-Ethanol thus produced form the feedstock for several downstream petrochemicals, plastics and Hydrogen
        • Alternative Energy Integration: Energy audit and replacement of conventional power applications with Solar, Wind or other forms of alternative energy

Pyramid E&C delivers comprehensive Technology, Engineering, Modular Fabrication and Construction management services for Hydrocarbon and Chemical processing facilities since 1995. Our centres of excellence in Houston, London and Dubai coupled with our high value engineering and modular fabrication facilities in India provide most competitive and high quality value proposition for asset owners and operators worldwide.