Pyramid E&C supplies plants that are truly Digital by design. The advanced features such as real-time process optimization and remote performance management by handheld devices provide complete controls to the stakeholders.

To maximize the plant performance, Pyramid E&C offers comprehensive Digitalization solutions for hydrocarbon asset owners across the globe with 24/7 help desk and advisory services. The typical Digitalization program roadmap goes as below:

  • Laser Scanning
  • Creation of Dumb 3D Model
  • Intelligent CAD Model
  • Dynamic Simulation Model (Digital Twin)
  • Data Linkage of Twin with Plant Control System
  • Performance calculations using real-time data
  • AI techniques to predict plant performance
  • Remote Plant operation support
  • Performance dashboard for top management
  • Physical operation support on a visit basis
  • Performance-based revenue model

Realtime Plant Performance Optimizer