Pyramid E&C offers simple Early Production Facilities as well as complex Central Production facilities build for long term use. All the facilities offered by us are modularized to suit the site logistics.

Depending upon properties such as crude API gravity, hydrogen sulfide (H2S), and water content, an Early Production Facility may comprise some  or all of the following equipment to meet sales specifications for oil and gas.

  • Separator/ Desalter
  • Stabilization Column
  • Compression System
  • Gas Sweetening unit
  • Dehydration unit
  • Arsenic/ Mercury removal unit
  • Claus Sulfur recovery unit
  • Flare/ Incineration System
  • Produced water treatment system

Using our long experience in designing Oil & Gas treatment facilities, we have standardized the configurations for heavy as well as light, sour (high sulfur) and sweet (low sulfur) Crude oil thus considerably reducing the engineering, procurement and fabrication time.

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