Pyramid E&C is an International EPC firm providing comprehensive development solutions for upstream, mid-stream and downstream hydrocarbon processing facilities including Feasibility Studies, Technology Selection, Design, Project Management, Fabrication, Construction, Commissioning and Operation services. We in business for over two decades and have a successful track record of completing more than 700 projects worldwide.

Our engineering and project management office operating  from Houston, London, Dubai and Mumbai, continuously look out for competent and ambitious engineering professionals to support ongoing projects and upcoming opportunities.

Pyramid E&C provide competitive wages, modern office facilities, state of the art engineering environment, opportunities to harness effective learning, knowledge development and exposure to world class hydrocarbon projects to build a great career.

Pyramid E&C advertises the vacancies as below:

• US Vacancies :
• Europe and Middle East:
• India:

Should you be interested in working with us, please refer to above job sites and apply once a suitable requirement arises