Pyramid E&C, India launches Mundra Modular Fabrication Yard

Pyramid E&C completes the construction of Modular Fabrication yard at Mundra Port & Special Economic Zone in Gujarat, Western India. Mundra is an all weather port with a draft of about 18 m. This location is very much suitable for shipment to Middle East and Africa with voyage time of 2 to 7 days.

The facility admeasuring 200 000 ft² has a robust infrastructure for Mechanical and I&E works, it can ship modules with a maximum size 10 m x 10 m x 30 m and maximum weight of 1000 Tons. It has added advantage of being free from customer duty transactions and minimal time to transfer the goods and  modules onto the ship.

Pyramid E&C delivers comprehensive Technology, Engineering, Modular Fabrication and Construction management services for Hydrocarbon and Chemical processing facilities since 1995. Our centres of excellence in Houston, London and Dubai coupled with our high value engineering and modular fabrication facilities in India provide most competitive and high quality value proposition for asset owners and operators worldwide.