Gas to Ammonia

For small gas streams, the gas to ammonia (NH³) process provides an alternative to conventional gas applications. Ammonia is widely used for different applications. Its use as a feedstock for fertilizer industry commands the largest share of its utilization. Other uses for ammonia include the following:

  • DeNOx process in power plants
  • CO² capture processes
  • Feedstock for chemicals production
  • Direct injection into internal combustion engines
  • Fuel cell systems


A mini-Ammonia plant comprises the following systems:

  • H² Generation unit : Steam Reformer to produce hydrogen from gas
  • N² Generation unit : Pressure swing adsorption technology
  • NH³ Synthesis unit : Compression stage, reactor stage based on optimized Haber-Bosch technology
  • NH³ Storage : Pressurized storage tanks

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