Compact GTL

There are many processing facilities for small or marginal fields where associated gas is either flared off or re-injected into the reservoir. This can be a lost opportunity due to unavailability of infrastructure and market for gas transportation.

With its association with a leading technology supplier for Gas-To-Liquids (GTL), Pyramid offers a Turnkey Solution for its customer for small and mid size facilities.


The GTL process consists of two stages. The first stage involves conversion of natural gas into a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen, also known as syngas, by Steam Methane Reforming or Autothermal Reforming process. In the second stage, the syngas passes through a Fischer-Tropsch reactor where syn gas gets converted to paraffinic hydrocarbon liquid.

The liquids from the GTL process can then can be used as substitute for crude oil or can be blended with crude to provide an economic route to market.

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