Ashish Bajpai
Houston, Texas

Ashish Bajpai is a qualified Chemical Engineer with an experience of more than 25 years in setting up the teams, processes and execution infrastructure to enable  Pyramid E&C engineer, manufacture, deliver and commission the hydrocarbon facilities in diverse geographies of Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and United States.

A specialist in Process Plant Design from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, his current endeavors include  development of compact reactors, renewable hydrocarbons technologies and solar power integration into conventional facilities to reduce the carbon emissions, plant footprint and improve sustainability.

Vijay B.
Vice President – Projects
Dubai, UAE

Mr. Vijay has over 25 years of experience in settling up Oil and Gas Production, hydrocarbon storage and transportation facilities in Middle East and India. He is a qualified Mechanical Engineer from Mumbai University and has advanced PMP  certification in Project management and Quality assurance. Mr. Vijay has experience in managing Oil & Gas Production and Storage EPC projects and leading multi-disciplinary engineering, fabrication and construction teams to success.

Anant Bajpai
Director – Customer Success
US Operations, Houston

Anant Bajpai is a Chemical Engineering graduate from Georgia Tech, Atlanta, USA. He works closely with hydrocarbon facility owners in the Americas to understand business and technical requirements and propose the best processing solution to meet their objectives. He remains involved in execution and plant operation to ensure complete project success.

Anant is also a keen process technology research analyst. He manages the pilot plant development activities and participates in the research initiatives  currently underway by  Pyramid E&C in collaboration with US universities.