Midstream Expertise

Pyramid E&C provides comprehensive EPC services for transportation and storage of complete range of hydrocarbons, starting from methane to the heavy fuel oil and bitumen.

Compression Stations
Compression stations complete with NGL recovery units and fractionators for applications ranging from well site to main gas transmission systems, and from high pressure turbine driven systems to low pressure vapor recovery systems.

Cryogenic Storage
Low temperature cryogenic facilities for gaseous hydrocarbons, e.g., natural gas, propane, butane, LPG, ammonia and ethylene. We supply the facilities furnished with boil-off refrigeration and regasification systems.

Pressurized Storage
Horton sphere or mounded bullet based plants for LPG, propylene and butylene for storage of pressurized liquefied hydrocarbons at atmospheric temperatures.

Atmospheric Storage
Fixed or floating roof installation for liquid hydrocarbon storage designed as per API 650 or low pressure storage based on API 620. Our experience includes storage terminals for crude oil, light petroleum products and heavy fuel oils.

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