We provide incumbents with an opportunity to be a part of a professional team specializing in cutting-edge technology, spanning a full career cycle to a professional beginning from core department, progressing into the project management and then into manufacturing, construction and operation of hydrocarbon facilities.

Hydrocarbon Industry is complex and hazardous, hence commitment to Safety, Quality and ability to carry out complex technical activities are the primary requisites hence Pyramid E&C selects the staff thorough a well defined process to ascertain them being the right fit into the industry. 


The employees at Pyramid E&C are exposed to world class engineering and project management skills as well as hydrocarbon industry practices, thus the hardworking professionals can gain a great wealth of knowledge in a relatively short time and further their career expeditiously.

Pyramid E&C recognizes the value of professional development and personal growth for employees and has established a skill set based system for competence development to cover various functional areas e.g.

  • Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Business Development
  • Operations Management
  • Financial Management
  • Information Systems

As the employees gather experience with the company, leadership development programs are introduced to impart  decision making skills to enable them take management responsibilities and achieve the corporate and professional objectives.


Pyramid E&C provides a full career cycle to a professional beginning from core department, progressing into the project management and then into manufacturing,  construction and operation of hydrocarbon facilities. Pyramid E&C has a global geographical spread of projects across Asia, Middle East, Africa and Americas, thereby providing   exposure to the international practices and cultural diversity and thereby opportunity to learn the state of the art  and emerge as a well rounded up, confident professional.

Merit and performance are recognized and rewarded in Pyramid E&C. We always welcome ambitious and talented professionals to assume responsibility and contribute in the development of Pyramid E&C and Hydrocarbon industry.

We hire Corporate, Engineering and Project Management professionals at our main offices in Houston, London, Dubai and Mumbai, while Manufacturing professionals are employed at Mundra Fabrication yard, Gujarat, India. Please follow the link below to register or login and share your resume with us.