Provision of Operations Team

Pyramid E&C can resource a project facility with the correct level of experienced staff in order to provide valuable expertise for early phases of operations on a Greenfield site or indeed a Brownfield site. The advantages of this approach provide the operator sufficient time to resource and train their permanent operations crew, whilst maintaining the maximum production from the facility. It also affords the operator the flexibility to train local content staff and benefit the local community and infrastructure.

Consumables and Spares

Pyramid E&C provides valuable experience for procurement of site consumables and operational spares to avoid unnecessary downtime of production facilities. Inexperienced purchase of consumables and spare parts can lead to significant expenditure of stock inventory and the optimisation of such stock, is key to minimising this expenditure to what is required for sustained operations and minimising downtime.

Plant Optimisation

Pyramid E&C provides extensive knowledge and capability for production optimisation by utilising specialist process modeling software from their process engineering entity and internal experienced operations staff. Pyramid E&C can assist the operator with diagnosis of process plant operational issues, with the use of process modeling and laboratory sampling to improve the quality of the facilities operational products and also production levels.


In a similar fashion to Plant Optimisation, Pyramid E&C provides extensive knowledge and capability for analysis of plant operations with the use of process modeling software, thus being able to provide the necessary data and engineering solutions to debottleneck a function of the overall plant facility. The engineering solution should also provide new equipment data sheets and safety analysis with HAZID & HAZOP to ensure the safe operation following the debottlenecking project. Revised performance testing of the facility can also be undertaken to confirm the success and optimised solution for the production facility.

Training and Development

Pyramid E&C have provided operations teams on many projects for Build, Own and Operate basis, which provides a valuable platform for training both Operator staff and also, introducing local content staff to develop their skill base to benefit the local community. The training can take the form of formal classroom based sessions, vendor based for specialised equipment training and also during project execution, participation in factory acceptance tests for specialised major equipment. This use of all available training and development opportunities maximises the effectiveness and competence of the operations teams on-site.

Preventive and Predictive Maintenance

Pyramid E&C can provide valuable knowledge and techniques for periodic or continuous monitoring of various plant or equipment parameters for condition based maintenance approach. The ultimate goal is to perform maintenance at a scheduled point in time when the maintenance activity is most cost-effective and before the equipment loses performance within a given threshold. This is in contrast to time and/or operation count-based maintenance, where a piece of equipment gets maintained whether it needs it or not. Time-based maintenance is labour intensive, ineffective in identifying problems that develop between scheduled inspections, and is not cost-effective. The predictive component of maintenance stems from the goal of predicting the future trend of the equipment's condition. Most condition monitoring is performed while equipment is in service, thereby minimising downtime of normal plant operations.

Pyramid E&C can also provide Reliability Centered Maintenance, or RCM, which emphasies the use of predictive maintenance utilising condition monitoring techniques, in addition to traditional preventive maintenance measures. When properly implemented, RCM provides operators with a tool for achieving lowest costs for a given level of plant performance.

Pyramid E&C can provide valuable solutions to the overall maintenance approach, by providing advice and knowledge for CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management Systems). These systems provide the operator with the ability to schedule and record all maintenance activities, spare parts and work order planning functions.

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